Autism and ADHD Parent Sessions

As a parent of two sons aged 19 and 21 with Aspergers Syndrome and ADHD I have not only personal experience but over 25 years professional experience also. I understand the challenges and concerns parents face on a daily basis. Furthermore the strategies that can be implemented to help manage those difficulties and improve your family home life.

Angels of Sunshine's programme will help you with the following:

Structure and routine

Behavioural management

Positive Responses

Self love

time management

Navigating the education and health environment

How it works to get started

Step 1

Initial FREE 20 minute Zoom call to discover how you are struggling and how it is affecting you

Step 2

Coaching – identifying and exploring areas on a weekly 45 minutes Zoom session

Every individual case is different however there would be an expectation to commit to 4 weekly sessions initially to set up appropriate techniques and support strategies.

Would you like to connect with Kelly?

FREE 20 minute consultation to uncover your challenges and see how we can work together.