All initial contact includes a 20 minute free consultation to uncover your challenges  

and how we can work together to change your mindset and enhance your life.

ADHD Coaching

Life coaching specifically trained to help adults, teens and kids manage their lives

Autism and ADHD Parent Sessions

Working on strategies that can be implemented to help manage difficulties and improve your family home life.

Anxiety and Panic

Most people feel anxious at times. It’s particularly common to experience some anxiety while coping with stressful events or changes, especially if they could have a big impact on your life

Self Esteem

Working with client to uncover the origin of their self esteem and using confidence boosting strategies increase appreciation, self love and respect for themselves.


Everyone's menopause journey is individual and different. A Menopause Wellness Coach can help you understand and guide you through each step.

Client Testimonials

“Kelly really understood my challenges being a mature student in university with ADHD. Together we worked on goals to help me manage my time. I am now a qualified nurse”
Rachel - Nursing student
“I found it really difficult when my daughter was diagnosed with Autism. Our family life was chaotic. With Kelly's help, we were able to put some structure in place and have a more calm home life now.”
Leeanne - Parent
“I am an adult who has been on the ADHD waiting list for what seems forever and it is impacting my daily life. Kelly has helped me manage small tasks daily and makes me accountable which motivates me.”
David - 43 year old adult
“Kelly's understanding and support has been valuable in helping me manage my mental health. She is really down to earth and does not judge me when I am opening up to her.”
Lance - 23 year old adult

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FREE 20 minute consultation to uncover your challenges and see how we can work together.