A Background on AOS

My story

Angels of Sunshine is the brainchild of Kelly Niven. A married mother of two lively sons who have additional needs which include ADHD and Aspergers syndrome.

As a parent Kelly understands challenges faced by parents and professionals who are living or working with individuals with Autism/ Aspergers, ADHD and other Mental Health Challenges and the need for more services and training to help our Angels of Sunshine. 

Kelly has over 26 years’ experience in the field of Special needs and Mental Health. Starting her career as a nursery nurse. She has extensive experience supporting individuals in education. Kelly has recently been involved in outreach work, parent support groups ,supporting clients with job finding skills as well as individual tailored 1:1 client sessions working on mindset, changing behaviours and implementing strategies.

My Mission

My goal when setting up Angels of Sunshine was to support families and young and older adults with their needs…..


Where I specialise

ADHD Coaching

Autism & ADHD Parent Sessions


Self Esteem ​


My published book -

'It wasn't me'

In 2021, I launched ‘It Wasn’t Me’ on Amazon. A survival guide for parents with children who have Autism/Asperger’s.

Client Testimonials

“Kelly really understood my challenges being a mature student in university with ADHD. Together we worked on goals to help me manage my time. I am now a qualified nurse”
Rachel - Nursing student
“I found it really difficult when my daughter was diagnosed with Autism. Our family life was chaotic. With Kelly's help, we were able to put some structure in place and have a more calm home life now.”
Leeanne - Parent
“I am an adult who has been on the ADHD waiting list for what seems forever and it is impacting my daily life. Kelly has helped me manage small tasks daily and makes me accountable which motivates me.”
David - 43 year old adult
“Kelly's understanding and support has been valuable in helping me manage my mental health. She is really down to earth and does not judge me when I am opening up to her.”
Lance - 23 year old adult

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